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Here at Gingersnaps, we believe that we can all be working to make the world a better place.  Charity is a BIG part of who we are as a company and more importantly, a family. I grew up in a family that believes in supporting and helping anyone in need.  That became a major part of our lives when my sister, Jessie, was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer at 18 years old.  

She knew that more could be done to raise awareness about the disease and she insisted that something be done.  Jessie, along with my family, created the first Rhode Island chapter of a national ovarian cancer organization.  Jessie never got to see our first walk; which brought in an overwhelming amount of people. In the last few years we have since broken off to create our new non-profit (Rhode Island Ovarian Cancer Alliance) that keeps the money and support local for women in our area.  

Jessie was a dancer her entire life and dreamt of a career in the performing arts. She, unfortunately, was never able to fulfill that dream.  We created a scholarship fund in her name (Jessie’s Dream Scholarship Fund) that provides young people with funding to pursue the performing arts with classes, private lessons, camps, college, or other special projects.          

Proceeds from our “Jessie’s Dream” cupcake and cake will always be split between the two causes that Jessie felt most strongly for; ovarian cancer awareness and arts education.  To learn more about Jessie and RIOCA’s mission/events, visit:

As a company, Gingersnaps will eventually aim to honor a different charity by choosing a product to donate proceeds to for 3 months.  These charities will be chosen by the staff and also by the customers!

We are always looking for a new way to give back to our community, the people in it, and the planet!  Keep an eye on this page and our social media to see any updates about important causes!